Monday, July 27, 2009

Additional Central Park classes added this thursday 7/30

So how good were you over the weekend? Did you drink too much, eat too much, or overindulge all two days? EVERYTHING adds up! How many calories do you think you consumed in one day?? Remember all that hard work you put in during the week, you don't want to ruin it one day! Again, it's all about balance. Just because you had a few drinks or a piece of cake does not mean you need to add fries, pizza, soda, or candy on top of it! Try to be at least 60% good as opposed to being 100% bad! Yes, you need to cut yourself some slack but having a cheat meal every day or eating those small pieces of chocolate or even having 3 drinks a night will ALL ADD up!

If for any reason, you don't have the chance to work out, then take a long walk or a bike ride. There's no reason for you to sit on you butt for hours! Back to business, eat your smaller meals throughout the day, have you fiber and veggies, good complex carbs, lean protein, drink plenty of water and you're set!

Also, due to a huge demand, I am adding 2 more class this thursday only 7/30 at
Central Park South and Columbus Circle:


Please reserve in advance.



  1. Love your post Cindy! It totally all adds up. I am scaling back, yet again, on my nightly drinks-makes a difference. Thanks for the motivation. See you in Central Park at 6:30pm. xo

  2. i started putting on weight after memorial day, and i hadnt changed any of my eating or exercise habits... but i was drinking a few drinks a night, out with clients etc. when i asked you about it, you were very straight forward "Stop Drinking So Much!". Wow, just the wake up call i needed!
    Thanks for a great bootcamp this week and for always keeping me on track!