Monday, August 3, 2009

Why isn't your body changing?

Are you doing the same routine over and over? Increasing your cardio doing the same exact exercise as you have been doing the last few months? Don't you know your body adapats very quickly to cardio and as result you burn fewer calories? You can run for miles and even do a marathon but that doesn't mean you're going to tone up or lose weight.

Are you doing strength training to build lean muscle? Are you eating properly? (Go to my previous blog "why diets don't work" for more info on nutrition) It's the same formula day in and day out. Eat well, increase lean muscle mass by doing your strength training in additional to your cardio and voila! Magic!! Oh, I forgot to mention, it's hard work!! Discipline, motivation, consistency are all elements necessary to achieve success!! We can't all look like superheroes but even tney have to work! Learn to balance out your life and everything will fall into place.

The key to results is CHANGE! Shock that body, STOP doing the same routine you did last year and incorporate your strength exercises! Or you can just come to my Central Park Bootcamp Tuesdays and Thursdays at 630 and 730p or Kettlebell Saturday @9 and 10am by the West Side Highway. You need to reserve in advance as all classes are full and email me for more details.

I am always pushing my students to new limits, challenging themselves to work harder to develop that strength, endurance and mindset to achieve the best of their abilities! If you don't push yourself, how are you going to accomplish new goals? You will only stay in that comfort zone and therfore plateau!! You're not allowed to plateau in my classes. Yes, fun is involved and the group environment is very encouraging. Mostly everyone is working towards similar goals and we are all hear to motivate each other to do better!

So change it up entirely! Start fresh, throw out the old and shock your system! If you're up for a challenge, Cindy Lai Fitness will help you bring it up a notch! Bst, Cindy Lai

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