Monday, September 7, 2009

New Season, new changes

Summer came and went all too quickly. The humidity is gone, fall is here, the days are getting darker sooner. With the changing of the season, it's time to re-evaluate your goals. Have you been consistent with your health and fitness? Or have you been indulging in one too many barbecues, late night drinking, or just have been slacking off?? Stop making a million and one excuses! Beat the fall/winter weight gain by getting into a good routine. Being healthy is a lifestyle and any little changes you incorporate will go a long way. You do not need to look like a supermodel or celebrity to be "healthy". Of course, proper nutrition is just as essential. It's about being balanced in not only your physical but your mental well being. Exercising consistently will help you build self-esteem, relieve stress, help you look and feel better and help keep you sane! NY is such a hectic place, never enough time for everything, but you ALWAYS have time to take care of yourself! What's the point of working like a maniac if you are going to deteriorate as you get older? How are you then supposed to enjoy life?

As the days are getting colder and you will most likely be taking your workout indoors more often at some point, you need to start focusing on changing your bad habits and discipline yourself before you lose control. Here are a few tips:

- Stop saying and start doing! Words don't mean anything until you take action

- Cut out all processed foods or at least start reducing all the junk in your diet

- That goes for alcohol too..control your intake, you don't need to be drinking every
night and feeling guilty the day after. (Depending on the type of alcohol,
calories can be anywhere from 65 calories for vodka and soda, 100-150 calories for
beer, wine and over 800 calories for frozen drinks!

- are you balancing your workouts? Cross-training? See my previous blog for details

- It's all about scheduling,if you can't get your workouts in after work,do it
before! There is always time to fit in a workout whether it's 20 minutes or an hour

- Consistency is key! Treat exercise as a necessity and work it into your life! If
you have time to be social and time to work, a few times a week is nothing.

- There is always room for improvement! Stop doing the same routine over and over to
set yourself up for a plateau, work on your weaknesses..what are you lacking in
your program? Flexibility, strength,cardio, balance,core training?

If being healthy is important to you, then take charge! Don't wait until New Year's to make a change. The sooner you start, the better you will feel. Don't wait until it's too late, when you get injured or for something bad to happen. You are still young and so long as you are willing to improve your lifestyle, you will feel a whole lot better about yourself in the long run.

Cindy Lai Fitness

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