Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Benefits of Drinking Wine

I was in Santa Barbara the other day. Ahhh...such a beautiful and healthy place filled with lush vineyards! It was my first wine tasting on the west coast with Koehler and Firestone as my favorite vineyards. The Rieslings were great from both vineyards, but the 2007 Cabarnet Franc Rose (Santa Ynez Valley) from Firestone was unique and amazing! It's a combination of strawberry, candied cherry and watermelon flavor with grapefruit zest. Unfortunately they don't distribute to NY so you will need to order directly from them. If you ever go to Santa Barbara, you definitely need to stop at Los Olivos Cafe...the food coupled with the wine was out of this world!

So why drink wine? There are healthy benefits when taken in moderation. I will never give up wine, but I don't drink it every day either. I prefer to save it for a good meal or a social gathering. Read on for the positive and negatives and the calories involved...



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