Monday, June 22, 2009

How good is your posture?

Ever since technology has taken over, majority of society is now sitting behind the computer these days. This leads to poor posture, lower back pain, forward head syndrome, tightness in neck and shoulders and often times..injury. I cannot stress the importance of correct posture in a good exercise program. If you do not fix these issues which are already placing stress on your spine, you are loading your body with even more unnecessary stress when going into a workout!!

Take a look at the image on the website I referenced below...How ape evolved into man and now "de-evolving". Looks familiar? Pretty scary if you ask me. The longer you remain in your present unfixed state, the longer it will take to reverse the damges. Good posture is crucial whether you are just standing or sitting,besides exercising. Do you carry a shoulder bag,laptop, or constantly find yourself crouching over your computer? Do you stretch enough, unlock yourself out of your 8-10 hour days behind that desk, have good core and lower back strength? I specifically work with clients in improving their postures so they can alleviate their pain, stand up taller and sleep better. Don't wait until it's too late. Add another 5-10 years and you may be looking like the image behind the computer desk.

Here are a list of several youtube videos I reviewed and feel are very helpful.

How to get perfect posture:

Seated Shoulder Squeeze:

Scarecrow against wall (progression from shoulder squeeze):

Yoga Cat and Cow pose:

Floor prone cobra:

Opposite arm and leg lift:

Hip Flexor Stretches:

Posture exercises at work:

Stretching exercises to grow taller:

Spinal Stretch:

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