Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Interesting Fitness/Obesity Facts of the US Population

After sitting 2 days straight in a Crunch certification course, here are some fitness facts I thought I should reiterate from class:

65% of US population is sedentary
14% of US Population have a gym membership
8% use it

60 minutes of moderate-intense physical activity a day is recommended to prevent weight gain.
60-90 minutes recommended to maintain weight loss

Overweight adults (up to 30 lbs) are 20-40% more likely to die prematurely

The Average American gains 1 lb per year.

300 million lives are lost and $120 billion dollars annually

Since 2001 - Insurance premiums have risen up to 78% vs.19% increase in salary

Gaining 20lbs or more leads to increased medical expenses of $500 million a year

10% increase in physical activity could save $13 billion a year

If obesity continues to increase, it will slash 2-5 years of US potential lifespan -
1st generation to live shorter than their parents!!

Between 1971-2000, the average man added 168 calories to his diet,
the average woman added 335 calories to her diet (women eat 13% more than men)

Overall, overweight people underestimate their food intake by 33%
Normal people underestimate their food intake by 16%

66% of Americans are overweight (BMI > 25)
72 million Americans are obsese (BMI >30)
7-8 million Americans are extremely obese (BMI>40)
Thousands are SUPER-obese (BMI>50) NEW category deemed necessary to create

Experts predict that 9 out of 10 people will become oveweight or obese at some point in their lifetime and if recent trends continue, almost EVERY adult will either be overweight or obese by 2048!!

TOP 5 Foods:
1.Sugared Beverages
2.Cake and Sweet Rolls
5.Potato and Corn Chips

Top Activities:
1. Driving a car
2. Office Work
3. Watching tv or movies
4. Taking Care of Children
5. An Activity performed while sitting quietly
6. Eating - it's ALL sitting!

In summary, majority of our society sits behind a desk all day. Ever since technology has taken over, people are sitting more and moving a lot less! American portions have increased to ridiculous amounts and we are becoming heavier every year! How active are you? Just because you exercise once or twice a week at minimum, what about the 8-10 hours you're sitting behind a desk? Eat less (wisely), move more!! Incorporate more nutrient dense foods into your diet, drink more water, add more fiber, lean protein and most of all.. keep moving! Sit as little as you need to! That means, getting up every hour from your desk to take a few extra steps, walking to and from work, taking the stairs, doing laps around your office hallway if you have one. ANY activity you can do will burn calories.

Even if you can't make it to the gym, all these movements will add up to 10, 20, 30 minutes of activity in a day because you are moving!! Any extra steps you can take will make a big difference in the long run. Of course, food is the most crucial! Clean out your pantry and replace junk food with healthier options. Just because there are social gatherings, birthdays, celebrations, etc. does not mean you NEED to eat all those donuts, bagels, cakes, sweets, etc. Moderation! Add drinking with it, and you can easily consume almost 1000 calories in one sitting!! Alcohol is a major culprit in our weight gain epedemic. I enjoy my glass(es) of wine every now and then but drinking 5 glasses a week can easily add up to 2100 calories extra a week! 5 cans of beer can add up to 3000 extra calories!

Something to think about...If you haven't been exercising at all, start now! Balance it out with healthier eating. If you want to burn around 800 calories an hour, you are welcome to come to CINDY LAI FITNESS BOOTCAMP!

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