Tuesday, June 23, 2009

If Michelle Obama has time to be healthier, why don't you??

I couldn't agree more with Michelle Obama when it comes to balance in life in terms of health and fitness. She said on Channel & this morning that not too long ago her family used to eat fast food several times a day because it was quick and easy. Her 2 daughters would accept what was given to them because it was under Michelle's control. As soon as she started to cut out the processed foods and add more nutrition to her family's diet (fruits, vegetables, etc), she noticed the difference in the way everyone felt and the need to stay healthy. One of her favorite foods is french fries (I love those every now and then). The trick is not to have fried foods, alcohol or sweets every day but in moderation.

As my clients heard many times from me, earn your "cheat meal". Working out like a madman (woman) does not mean you can eat ANYTHING you want! Add veggies as much as posssible to every meal, add your fruits during the day, multigrain carbs (whole wheat bread, brown rice, sweet potatoes, beans, oatmeal), cut out processed foods as much as possible, increase lean protein, add good fats. Keep it simple!

We are all busy people, there's never enough time for anything. You don't have time to take care of yourself?? Make the time! It's all about planning and scheduling. If it's important for you to be healthy, you will incorporate it into your lifestyle. This is why diets never work and you gain even more weight afterwards. You need to start making small changes in your life to incorporate a healthier lifestyle. Doing anything drastic will most likely end in failure. How many times have I heard all the excuses? Try my job when I have trained 7-10 clients back to back. I may not have time for a sit down meal (protein shakes and bars had to compensate), but i always knew exactly when I had time to eat. There is no reason you can't wake up 10 minutes earlier to have breakfast or take a quick break in between clients to eat something. It's your choice! It's all about preparation!

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