Monday, June 15, 2009

First Kettlebell Bootcamp, Sat 6/13

I had my first official kettlebell bootcamp this past Saturday. It was no easy feat trying to lug 90 lbs of kettlebells to the West Side...Whew, that was a workout in it of itself! It went very well though. We jumproped in between while working on the basic kettlebell movements..squats, deadlifts, highpull, hip swing, lunges in rack position, combined movements with rows, double arm, then single arm. Everyone was so was awesome! With what little energy was left, we ended off with KB Abs. Good job guys! We will mix it up and kick it up a notch every week! Always a challenge and never boring! Get to your best fitness level ever!

(For info on what Kettlebells are, go to my blog dd. 6/5/09 on Kettlebell Training)


  1. Wow! I love the photos! Cindy's class was FANTASTIC on Saturday. It was my first time working with kettlebells and I am impressed (as usual) with Cindy's knowledge and expertise with the equipment. I am constantly challenged in Cindy's classes and its great to always have new and exciting ways to workout and push myself. Its been about a month now and I'm feeling great, loosing inches and almost ready for summer! THanks Cindy - YOU ARE THE BEST!

  2. Thanks for an amazing workout on Saturday, Cindy! The kettlebells really kicked it up a notch. As always, your bootcamp is super challenging and motivating! Can't wait for the next one.

  3. This workout was INSANE! We were all sore the next day in places we aren't usually sore. Kettlebells are incredibly challenging and effective. We all enjoyed the challenge so much. Can't wait to use them again, and of course to take Cindy's motivating bootcamp!