Monday, June 22, 2009

Kettlebell Bootcamp last Sat 6/20


Talk about being drenched in sweat! We had an amazing and high intensity class this saturday. Due to the rain, we worked indoors with music and a whole lot of energy! Between 2 minute intervals of jumping, kettlebell swings, lunges,woodchoppers, deadlifts, figure 8's,shuffling across the room, kb jumping jacks..there was no time to rest and barely any talking. We kept it moving the entire time with active rest. Everyone kept up and did a fantastic job swinging away! Good job guys! Ready for more next week! yay!!! Cindy Lai Fitness


  1. What a great class, Cindy!! The workout was so tough, but still so fun! Can't wait for the next one. PS: The pictures don't catch how drenched we all were!

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